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"I want every woman to be able to live a life surrounded by sisters as supportive, inspiring & BEAUTIFUL as the ones in our kind girl community!"

GIRL! I’m super happy that you’re here & reading this. I’m sure we’ll end up being great friends in no time 🙂

I’m Lydia – born in Yorkshire, now living in the beautiful Lake District.

My life for the past 7+ years has been spent living as a ‘Digital Nomad’, working as a Marketing Consultant & travelling the world!

It was while I was living in Cape Town (South Africa) in 2019 that I founded our awesome Kind Girl Community.

I have top tier family & friends, but in all honesty, I never knew who to go to when I just needed some support or advice about work/relationships/random girl sh*t !

We Got You Boo is a platform that, as women, we can all benefit from.

The only requirement to be a We Got You Boo member is: be kind & make an effort to support other women.

That can be in the form of:

‘I’m here if you need to chat.’ … ‘I’ve worked in that field for a long time, let me give you some tips!’ … ‘Oh girl, relatable! You’ve got this!’

If you want to support other women & receive a whole lotta love in return, you are always welcome to join our community.

As well as our incredible online platform with 40+ group chats – our 1000’s of boos meet up all across the UK every single week.

Can’t wait to meet you at a boo event hopefully very soon!

Sending love always,

Lydia xx

PS. > connect with me here <

SF gals

"Throughout my years of travelling & working solo, no matter how independent I have grown, I've had so many 'Damn, I wish I had some girls to experience this with!' moments."

Join the girls who continue to show us that their love for supporting others is endless.

We’ll always have your back in everything you do.