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6 Reasons To Buy From Women-Owned Businesses

We’re always made to feel guilty about shopping on amazon, right? Why is that? Should we feel guilty? Is billionaire be$o$ really just doing no-good with our money + becoming richer by the minute?

I’m not actually here to tell you that.

I shop on Amazon sometimes too. It can be easy, quick, cheap + hugely convenient.

But as a woman… I’m here to answer your question of ‘What’s the hype about shopping from women-owned businesses? Is it just a trend or is there really more to it?’

Reasons to ‘shop women-owned’ that you should probs care about:


  • REASON #1

The obvious one -E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y. Women are still very much drawn the short straw in the world of business… and the work place… and our salaries… and our rights… and let’s face it, a scarily high number of very important things. Buying from women-owned businesses means you’re investing in women’s economic empowerment – that sh*t is important for the future of females.

  • REASON #2

The money is more likely to stay in your community. Studies show that women reinvest up to 90% of their income in their families and communities, versus 40% for men. Do you want your money to go to millionaire corporate investors, or the families who need it in your local neighbourhood?

  • REASON #3

Personal connection. We all love the feeling of going in to a shop + making a connection with the lovely lady who works there. It makes you want to buy from them + support them.

Well? Shopping online from women-owned businesses is the same. They think about the small things, the way they can really help you + the whole experience. You’ll finish your shopping feeling uplifted + positive about spending your hard earned cash in the best way.

  • REASON #4

We need more women in power. ‘When one woman wins, we all win’. We’re a team.

According to Forbes 2022: ‘Of all Fortune 500 companies, only 8.8% have women CEOs. This indicates that about 91% of Fortune 500 CEOs are male. And yet, we say that incredible progress has been made in the workplace. More women leaders are an absolute must in the world we live in today.’

  • REASON #5

It’s easier to find unique items. EXAMPLE: We all love Etsy. It’s awesome for finding unique gifts that we couldn’t find elsewhere. Well – 83% of Etsy sellers are women! We are creative, we think out of the box, we don’t just follow money and we know what other women want.

  • REASON #6

Customer service is going to be 5 star. Smaller, women owned businesses really put energy in to getting repeat customers. They care that you’re happy. They will go out of their way to help you if you need to change/return an item. You are their main priority.

When women thrive, we all benefit.