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The products shown on our We Got You Boo website are purely recommendations for female owned brands! We are super grateful to be affiliated with some of these.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite women owned businesses, it’s incredible to know that your money is supporting hard working women around the world!

Holley, Founder of Wildflower Candle Co.:

“Starting in 2020 (you know – that Covid year) after dreaming of making my creative statement for years, I took the plunge. I’ve always been a lover of all things candles and smellies! Why not now? I think a few weeks furloughed got to me! Life is too short, so I got cracking – deliveries left right and centre of different waxes, endless fragrances, A LOT of testing and everything slowly starting falling into place. With the huge support of my partner Sean (chief box assembler and delivery guy ), our cockapoo Freddie (packaging thief and excellent foot warmer) and the huge support from friends (sample testers ), I got going in my kitchen. It didn’t take long for me to take over the work tops and got banished to the spare bedroom! Its here I spend hours blending wax and fragrances to create the long lasting wax melts and hand crafted candles. I can only dream of one day having workshop! Hint hint nudge nudge oh dearest other half!

I really wanted there to be something for everyone – The hand selected 6 fragrances we offer have been extensively tested and everyone has a different favourite and I love that.”

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