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Hi, I’m Mahira. I founded Spruce to make cleaning a cleaner experience for everyone.

It’s not just about the feeling you get when you settle down in your freshly cleaned home. It’s about your health and the health of the planet.

For decades, we’ve trusted cleaning brands to keep us safe. But here’s the truth: regulations for what can – and can’t – be added to these products haven’t changed in decades.

As early as 2012, WHO cautioned the world that EDCs are likely to cause cancer and infertility. 

The link between the chemicals in my cleaning products and my health terrified me. So I decided to do something about it and make a change. I founded Spruce to clean up the dirty cleaning industry with products that do no harm to your body, or the health of the planet. 

Now you don’t have to choose between your wellbeing and a clean home”.

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