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The products shown on our We Got You Boo website are purely recommendations for female owned brands! We are super grateful to be affiliated with some of these.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite women owned businesses, it’s incredible to know that your money is supporting hard working women around the world!

A Note from Founder, Shiza:

“As immigrants, my partner and I found Our Place in America by cooking and sharing food with new friends who became our chosen family. That’s why we started Our Place: to build a bigger table, one that would have room for all of us.

In an industry that made everyone feel inadequate, we took a new approach and created products that celebrated the beauty and joy of home cooking (and actually made it easier to cook). Our work here is rooted in authenticity and representation — celebrating all our traditions from Nowruz to Nochebuena, Ramadan to Shabbat.

It is my greatest privilege to work on building connections every day alongside our inspiring team and our beautiful community”.

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