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The products shown on our We Got You Boo website are purely recommendations for female owned brands! We are super grateful to be affiliated with some of these.

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“Hi I’m Jolene…

I’m a proud wife & mama to 2 incredible boys. 

It was actually the arrival of these two boys that led me to create KETTLEBOOBS. I was a busy mum trying (and failing) to find time in the day to get to the gym. Health and fitness has always been important to me so I did the only thing I could do and started doing home workouts. My friends and I went on the hunt for cute kettlebells to workout with – after all, no-one wants an eye sore in their living room. What we found was a real lack of variety.I wanted something that wouldn’t look out of place next to my plants in my living room. 

And so, an idea was born….Enter: Kettleboobs! 

Our boobs are made with love and care, by hand. They are as perfectly imperfect as we are and no two are the same”.

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