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BeMo Journals started as a personal journey for Creative Founder and Author Cassandra Stark

After decades of on-and-off psychotherapy, she returned to her roots of studying essential elements of psychology –  communication, sleep, CBT, CBT-i, DBT, attachment theory, behavior, and belief systems. After years of implementing studies into her daily journal practice, BeMo was born.

The BeMo method is backed by popular neuroscience and psychology. By slowing down, recognizing our emotions, and unearthing negative BS (belief systems), we can move through BeMo’s FUNCK practice and reprogram our subconscious thoughts and automatic behaviors through repetition and practice.  Repetition allows us to nurture and replace negative beliefs with secure beliefs.  Doing this will allow you to change every area of your life – self, family, friends, career – at your own pace, in your own time.

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