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ACAI Outdoorwear

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The products shown on our We Got You Boo website are purely recommendations for female owned brands! We are super grateful to be affiliated with some of these.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite women owned businesses, it’s incredible to know that your money is supporting hard working women around the world!

So, what’s the secret to ACAI Outdoorwear’s success? ACAI’s founder Kasia says it’s all down to the “magical combination of performance and fit, with high fashion influence delicately embedded into each and every garment”. 

“Our clothes are put through a rigorous 18- month testing process and it’s the cut of the cloth that’s our point of difference. The cut is shaped to fit the female form and create silhouettes which make the form flattering. We design our clothes to offer a variety of fits so the clothes are adjusted to different body shapes, and not vice versa. We embrace the diversity and uniqueness of each and every woman.” 

Today ACAI has not only filled the void in the market for sustainable, performance-led outdoorwear for women, but also built a community via campaigns such as ‘Outdoorsing’; largely influenced by Kasia’s own experience of the outdoors and the positive impact it can have on wellbeing.  

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