Meet the founder

My Vision:
‘To create a community so strong, that no woman will feel lonely in her mission ever again.’

Lydia Leyland. 

I feel SO lucky to have this community. I + want you to feel that too!


Originally from the UK but currently travelling the world (usually chasing summer!) whilst working from my laptop.

Most of my working life has been spent running my own business as a marketing consultant.

I love to work hard, but I also love to truly make the most of my downtime by going on epic adventures + diving head first in to every experience our crazy world has to offer!

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Throughout my years of travelling + working solo, no matter how independent I have grown, I have had so many ‘Damn, I wish I had some girls to experience this with!’ moments.

Whilst my network of family, friends + ‘business connections’ are AWESOME – they are all spread out across way too many oversaturated + completely unorganised social media pages/groups/platforms…. + honestly… that ain’t helpful to anyone.

If I have a question – I want to fire it out directly to one place + get my answers fast.

If I have a life situation which I know a girl squad could relate to + chat through with me – I need to have that convo ASAP.


So, here is where We Got You Boo was born.
The platform we will ALL feel the love from.

Spread the word, share the love

More females in our network

Epic amounts of diverse knowledge

Support during all hours, day + night

Extra money donated to our female charity partners

Happy women in every corner of the world


WE are growing this squad together + we are growing FAST…

Are you going to join us? Once you’re signed in, head over + drop me a message.

I would love to say hello! Can’t wait to connect with you soon, boo.

Lydia x

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