Charity Partners

Our No.1 reason for starting this powerful platform was to bring kindhearted women around the world together all in one place – so we can learn + grow TOGETHER.

So, why stop at just the women lucky enough to have easier access to the internet?

Our No.1 ‘Core Value’ is Passion.

Passion is energy.

Passion is the fuel for success.

Passion can make the impossible happen.

The owner of your favourite cafe was passionate about opening a space for friends to enjoy breakfast together over the best coffee in town – so she did it!

Our freelancing friend was passionate about flexible hours + location which allowed her to travel whilst working – so she left her 9-5 and made it happen!

It is NOT however that simple for a mother of 3 in a war-ridden country, who is passionate about selling her beautiful handmade clothing so she can make money to feed her family.

we got you, boo.

Most of us reading this have access + an opportunity to fulfil our passion, so we need to join forces + help those who aren’t as lucky.

This is where WE come in! YOU have the power to help fellow females support themselves in situations where simply putting dinner on the table for their family in the evening is a real bonus.


We Got You Boo donates 50% of ALL membership fees to charities which support less fortunate women to create independence.

+ it doesn’t stop there.

Our founder, Lydia, will personally be choosing where this money goes + working with the charities throughout the whole process. You will receive updates each month on who you have given the gift of freedom to, simply by being a member of this awesome network.

WE are all in this together.

Join the Sisterhood at the
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Join the family today + support women’s charities in the process.